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iPhone and iPad gamers can now take on Mac users via Game Center
by Mark Paterson 26/7/2012
Product: Game Center
Manufacturer: Apple
Format: iPhone, iPad
On Tuesday, tech behemoth Apple published its financial results for Q3 2012 and reported record-breaking iPad sales.

In a press release on his company's financial results, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that OS X 10.8 (a.k.a. Mountain Lion), the next iteration of The Big A's desktop operating system, would be released the following day.

True to Cook's word, Mountain Lion roared onto the Mac App Store yesterday, boasting over 200 new features, including iMessage, Notification Center, Dictation, and Sharing.

The one feature of Mountain Lion we at Pocket Gamer were really interested in, though, was Game Center. More precisely, the new Game Center app for Mac.

Top of the world

Thanks to this new application, Mac users can now challenge their iPhone- and iPad-wielding friends to a turn-based game or a head-to-head match.

Just as you can in the Game Center app on iOS devices, you can check out leaderboards in Game Center for Mac and see how your high score stacks up against the world.

The Game Center for Mac application will also recommend Game Center-compatible Mac games and opponents (again, like its iOS counterpart).

As it stands, however, there are only six games available on the UK Mac App Store that support Game Center (see graphic below for proof). It's still early days, of course, though.

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