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GAME's flagship Oxford Street, London store could be forced to close
by Anthony Usher 14/5/2012
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Publisher: GAME
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More bad news for GAME. It looks like the retailer could lose its flagship store on Oxford Street, London due to unpaid rent that the company owes from when it went into administration earlier this year.

The store's landlord, Lazari GP, has been granted the right to eject the retailer from the Oxford Street property.

According to The Telegraph, the landlord already has a new tenant waiting to take over the building, as well as a court order that allows it to send in bailiffs and change the property's locks whenever it wants.

GAME owes three months worth of rent, which comes to around £100,000.

The company that owned GAME when it went into administration, PwC, is refusing to pay the cash, stating that OpCapita, the retailer's new owners, are to blame.

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