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Ape Entertainment working on Fruit Ninja comic book series for iPhone and iPad
by Anthony Usher 13/7/2012
Product: Fruit Ninja
Publisher: Halfbrick
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Casual
Just a couple of days ago, Ape Entertainment announced that it had acquired the licensing rights to convert Pocket Gamer Bronze Award-winning endless-runner Temple Run into a comic book.

Now, we have some more good news for you: Ape Entertainment is also working on a Fruit Ninja-inspired comic book series, which, much like the aforementioned Temple Run graphic novels, will delve into the "untold backstory" of the franchise and its characters.

Fruit Ninja is a rather simple game that has no real narrative to speak of, so it'll be interesting to see what Ape Entertainment manages to come up with on the plot front.

Still, in the past, the studio has released digital comics based on both the Pocket God and Cut the Rope franchises, so we have utter faith in its ability to spin a good yarn.

Back to the future

The Fruit Ninja comics will be available first off as digital downloads over the next few months, but they will eventually be turned into physical novels, too.

What other popular iOS franchises would you like to see transformed into comic book series? We wouldn't say 'no' to a Squids adaption, for instance.

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