Free iPhone and iPad games: Cover Orange HD, Skylanders: Cloud Patrol
By Anthony Usher 08 August 2012
Game Name: Free iPhone Games | Format: iPhone, iPad
Welcome to another instalment of Pocket Gamer's free game round-up - a feature that highlights the top App Store titles that have been made free in the past 24 hours.

As we've stated many times before, prices in the App Store change frequently. Grab these freebies before you miss out on a top bargain.

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Skylanders: Cloud Patrol
By Activision Publishing - download for iPhone and iPad

Skylanders: Cloud Patrol
is a colourful spin-off title in which your aim is to wipe out waves of pesky trolls using everybody's favourite purple dragon, Spyro, and a whole host of other fantastical characters.

This shooter is pretty simple on the grand scale of things (you control everything with taps and swipes), but it's also more than a little addictive.

Just be warned: after playing this, you'll want to head straight to your local gaming store (if it hasn't closed down) and purchase Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure for your home console of choice.

Cover Orange HD
By FDG Entertainment - download for iPad

If you're yet to play this puzzler, now's the perfect time. In it, you're tasked with protecting oranges from a nasty acid rain that causes them to shrivel by building makeshift forts from wheels, wooden beams, and other objects.

There are 360 different levels for you to work your way through - all of which feature realistic physics and the chance to unlock Game Center achievements.

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