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Follow the Rabbit

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Fair and square

Product: Follow the Rabbit | Developer: Armor Games | Format: iPhone | Genre: Arcade, Puzzle | Players: 1 | File size: 77.4MB | Version: Europe | App version: 1.1
Follow the Rabbit iPhone, thumbnail 1
Of all the puzzles in Follow the Rabbit, perhaps the biggest is exactly what sort of animal the lead character is supposed to be. Part bear? Possible beaver? We may never know.

The game in which this uncategorisable animal finds himself is equally bizarre. Follow the Rabbit is a peculiar beast, simultaneously - and seamlessly - combining action-orientated platforming with more cerebral, puzzle-based level traversal.

Bunny games

First and foremost, your goal in every level is to reach the exit, with the titular rabbit always one step ahead of you.

That's where the game's more deliberately paced logic puzzling come into play. Each craftily designed level frequently demands you trace an exacting one-way path to victory.

You've only got four available directions of movement - left, right, up, and down - all of which are handled with intuitive swipe-based touch controls. This means it's easy to get your square self wedged between blocks without careful forward-planning.

It's a setup that requires considered, sokoban-style resolve as you shift blocks around to perfect your escape plan.

Hop to it

Viewed purely as a puzzler, it's a solid enough game. However, Follow the Rabbit is equally big on the action, tossing in a familiar - if remarkably unfettered - array of platforming elements.

There are switches to flip, ledges to ride, critters to dodge, and a host of other classic platform contrivances to deal with.

That you're expected to deal with both cerebral stage-traversal and timing-dependent platforming makes for an unusual and remarkably satisfying mix of styles, further enriched by stage rankings based on coins gathered, completion time, and number of moves taken.

A brief encounter

If there's anything to complain about, it's that Follow the Rabbit's cleverness rarely translates into much of a challenge - it's surprisingly easy to blast through the game's otherwise generous helping of over 100 stages.

Still, it's a slickly presented, deliciously intricate platform-puzzler with plenty of appeal. Individual aspects of its multi-faceted design might not be particularly original, but there's a genuinely rewarding sense of chaos as Follow the Rabbit's competing elements collide.

Follow the Rabbit
Reviewer photo
Matt Wales | 27 July 2012
A generous, well-constructed platform puzzler that delivers plenty of lightweight entertainment with its delightfully ADD approach to level design
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