Everyplay will automatically record all your iOS gaming clips for sharing and bragging
By Jon Jordan 22 August 2012
Game Name: Everyplay | Manufacturer: Applifier | Format: iPhone, iPad
Here's a neat bit of technology you should be seeing in many iOS games soon.

Called Everyplay, developers can integrate it into their games and it enables you - the player - to record your in-game action, make brag clips and sharing them via Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

The idea is that once integrated into a game, Everyplay automatically records all the action that happens on the screen, including dropping in transparent circles whenever you touch the screen.

You can even also add in your frontfacing camera to get your ugly mug and dialogue in on the action if you want to.

Video clips will be uploaded to a game-specific hub on the Everyplay website, so you can share, comment and vote on the best/worst ones.

Deeper experience

Of course, developers using the technology will be able to use it in more complex ways, allowing players to post brag clips to enemies they have defeated or - more constructively - getting the best players to show their tips and tricks.

As a beta technology, we can't say when Everyplay will be turning up in games but Finnish developers Mountain Sheep and Supercell are already signed up so we hope it will be in games such as Bike Baron, Ice Rage and Clash of Clans before to long.

Minimum spec

In terms of how it actually works, you'll need to be running iOS 5 and have an iPhone 4/iPad 1 or better. Obviously the game will also have to have integrated Everyplay, which comes in either SDK or Unity plug-in format.

The video stream from the game is compressed with one minutes of gameplay taking up around 4MB of memory on-device. Retina resolution isn't supported as it's compressed down to normal screen resolution.

Developers will be able to set up exactly how Everyplay works in their game, but in most cases, it will automatically record action for around 20 to 30 minutes and then re-record over itself so it doesn't eat up your entire iDevice's memory.

Developers can find out more information on the service - which is free to them and to players - here, while you can get some idea how it works in this stream of Everyplay's Jussi Laakkonen pulling funny faces playing Ice Rage in the video below.

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