Empire of the Eclipse to bring multiplayer strategy to iPhone and iPad
By Tracy Erickson 05 January 2011
Game Name: Empire of the Eclipse | Developer: Zarksoft | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Multiplayer, Strategy
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Empire of the Eclipse, a new strategy game from independent developer Zarksoft, hopes to break new ground on iPhone and iPad touch with a focus on multiplayer.

Billed as truly massively multiplayer, the game promises competition with up to 1500 players online in real-time strategy battles set in a futuristic space setting.

It's unclear, however, based on the information released thus far precisely how the online component works. Engaging 1500 players in one massive battle is unlikely and the number likely refers to how many players can log on to a single server.

Numbers are nice, but gameplay is what counts and Zarksoft, which consists of a number of veteran PC developers, is leveraging expertise in strategy game design to deliver an impressive slate of features.

Dynamically generated galaxies, full diplomacy system, in-game messaging and chat systems, and a robust skill tree should provide depth and replay value.

The game will support iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad; however, it's unknown if the game will be sold as a universal download.

We do know, though, that you can use a single online profile among multiple devices. The question to be asked is whether this is an indication of cross-device multiplayer support.

Empire of the Eclipse will be available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad by the end of March.
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