Gruesome and gorgeous iOS JRPG Elthinia should be hitting the App Store shortly
By Chris Priestman 29 April 2014
Game Name: Elthinia | Developer: Aaron Nakahara | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Adventure, RPG
Elthinia is a gorgeous-looking JRPG-inspired iOS game. The man responsible for those good looks? That'll be the game's graphic designer co-creator Aaron Nakahara.

He's been working on Elthinia with a childhood friend of his for a couple of years. This is the follow-up, then, to their previous RPG collaboration Obsidian Rift.

Elthinia looks far superior to Obsidian Rift, mind. And not just in terms of its graphics. It's quite noticeable how rich its lore is, you see.

Nakahara says on the Touch Arcade forums that Elthinia has a "fully fleshed out fantasy world to explore, lots of things to discover, both big and small, and an engaging storyline".

There will also be two large overworlds across which to venture, each with a multitude of dungeons. The environments will change over time, by the way, for events in the world affect them, too.


Elthinia also lets you combine character classes. So, rather than be a plain Thief or a Mage, you could be a Berserker-Priest, for example.

There's also a Guild system that enables you to enlist more members for your 4-person party. If you get a Beastmaster on your team, you'll be able to tame beasts that fight for you.

The original plan was to get Elthinia onto the App Store in the summer of 2013, but that didn't happen.

For a while, then, the project went silent. Now, though, Nakahara is saying that Elthinia is on track for release very soon. It may even be only a month away.

We'll let you know as soon as Elthinia is available, of course. For now, take a look at more screenshots of the game here, and keep an eye on the game's website.
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