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Dude Perfect

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It's really not

Product: Dude Perfect | Developer: Dude Perfect | Publisher: Dude Perfect | Format: Android | Genre: Casual, Puzzle, Sports | Players: 1 | Networking: wireless (network), on one device | File size: 16MB | Version: Europe
Dude Perfect Android, thumbnail 1
After neatly intercepting and dribbling off with Angry Birds's rock-solid physics puzzling gameplay, Dude Perfect then throws away a three-pointer with some near disastrous design moves.

It's a basketball game apparently centred on the joy of pulling off incredible trick shots, but skilful shooting is benched in favour of randomly bouncing off bits of scenery. Success is too often down to dumb luck rather than talent.

A tie-in to the Dude Perfect YouTube channel, in which amateur basketball players video themselves pulling off gloriously over-the-top hoop antics (like the 'World Longest Basketball Shot'), the game at least does a sharp job of replicating the zany, jock-ular antics of the internet-celeb players on your Android.

With key members caricatured smoothly in 2D and placed against primary colourful cartoon backdrops, which make even the dreary-sounding Backyard levels pop off the screen, it creates a winning first impression (even for non-fans of the Dudes).

Ball hog

By the time you've failed the tutorial a dozen times, however, a lot of those good vibes start to drain away.

This is largely down to the over-sensitive tap and drag control scheme, which causes shots to either blaze past the hoop you're aiming for or tumble pathetically at your feet.

Once you've wrestled with the controls enough to score epic three-pointers, Dude Perfect then harshly kicks your confidence in the teeth by telling you that landing the rock in the basket just won't cut it.

Instead, you've got to bounce the ball off as many pieces of scenery as possible - chimneys, swing sets, and moving objects such as planes and UFOs - before hitting the hoop.

Alley oops

Irritatingly, the unpredictable physics mean you'll mostly have to rely on blind luck to unlock the five diverse worlds - from the Backyard to the City, and even a sojourn into Space.

Dude Perfect's content is admittedly generous for the budget price, but you'll still have to fork out for in-app purchases if you want multiplayer action or to dabble with the level editor.

But the biggest problem is that the sub-Angry Birds gameplay sucks almost all the pleasure out of a cracking casual sports concept, leaving you with courtside seats to a massive missed opportunity.
Dude Perfect
Reviewer photo
Paul Devlin | 4 April 2012
Despite the optimistic title and sharp presentation, this weak Angry Birds-alike needs to be benched for relying on luck rather than any b-ball talent
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