Free-to-play puzzler Doctor Who: Legacy will materialise on Android and iOS tomorrow
By Harry Slater 26 November 2013
Game Name: Doctor Who: Legacy | Developer: Tiny Rebel Games | Publisher: BBC Worldwide | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle

Free-to-play time-travelling puzzler Doctor Who: Legacy will magically surface on the App Store and the Google Play Store tomorrow. 'Whovians' will then be able to take control of the Doctor and his companions in a gem-matching race through time.

The plot revolves around potato-headed clone warriors the Sontarans. In the game, you match gems to power-up the Doctor and his companions so they can thwack myriad Doctor Who villains in the chops.

You'll be jumping through various episodes of the TV series, levelling-up your allies and using special moves to deliver more damage to your foes. Just like in the show.

It won't cost you a thing to download Doctor Who: Legacy, which should be available on iOS and Android tomorrow.
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