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Deer Hunter Reloaded
Caribou carnage
by Paul Devlin 2/5/2012
Product: Deer Hunter Reloaded
Publisher: Glu Mobile
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Shooter, Simulation
Players: 1
File size: 237MB
Reviewed on: HTC One X
Version: Europe
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Visualise a beautiful stag, resplendent with towering antlers, standing stock still in a leafy glade directly in front of you. Now imagine a man whispering, "Aim for the lungs" in your ear.

That's pretty much the Deer Hunter: Reloaded experience and - especially for people unfamiliar with animal slaying for entertainment - it's a rather harrowing game to play.

Putting on our objectivity hat (it has a feather plucked from the corpse of a rare bird), the beautiful presentation and plethora of customisation options - from real-life weaponry to a bulging wardrobe of camouflage gear - is appealing. ...
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If the thought of shooting innocent woodland animals in slo-mo through X-ray specs doesn't make you flinch from the game, the freemium costs probably will
Audio/visual: 8
Gameplay: 4
Value: 4
Innovation: 5
Overall: 4
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