Peter Molyneux's social experiment Curiosity pushed back until September
By Jonathan Sutton 22 August 2012
Game Name: Curiosity - what's inside the cube | Developer: 22Cans | Publisher: 22Cans | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: 3D, Casual, Multiplayer, Puzzle, Simulation, Virtual Pet/ Toy | Networking: wireless (adhoc)
Peter Molyneux's controversial social experiment-cum-game Curiosity will have to stay packed away in storage for another month. The news has filtered through that it will be launched in September, rather than today (as originally planned).

In this game - which includes the now-infamous £50,000 piece of DLC - players chip away at a giant block to reveal what's inside. The concept is simple: the more money you pay, the more powerful your taps are.

Only the player responsible for the final tap will find out what's inside in the cube. Molyneux has said that this object / item will be "truly amazing, something unique". (Let's just hope it's not Phillip Schofield.)

A new teaser trailer has also been issued today, which lets slip absolutely nothing. Peter: why must you tease us so?

Curiosity will be the first game from Molyneux's new 22 Cans company. The studio plans to release a series of experimental games that examine the psychology of gamers.

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