Spoof Curiosity trailer is actually a great advert for Curiosity
By Mark Paterson 19 July 2012
Game Name: Curiosity - what's inside the cube | Developer: 22Cans | Publisher: 22Cans | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: 3D, Casual, Multiplayer, Puzzle, Simulation, Virtual Pet/ Toy | Networking: wireless (adhoc)
With just a few weeks to go before Peter Molyneux’s upcoming mobile title Curiosity, the infamous Twitter parody account Peter Molydeux has chimed in with its own trailer for the game.

Molydeux is best known for coming up with some of the oddest (and pretentious) ideas for games, drawing on the real Peter Molyneux's love for the physiological aspect of game design.

Moly see, Molydeux

Curiosity, the first game from Molyneux's new development studio 22 Cans, revolves around millions of players simultaneously chipping away at a large cube that breaks up into smaller and smaller pieces.

However, the twist is that only one person will see what's inside the cube. That person may (or may not) be the one that stumps up £50,000 for a super effective 'diamond pick'.

While Molyneux says that the contents of the mitotic cube will be so incredible “it will appear on news reports”, Molydeux believes that the discovery will be “covered in the media for all eternity”.

In response to this trailer, Molyneux dropped a few hints to the masses: “#whatsinthecube is truly amazing. It's not a message, it's not an advert, it's not a job. I am loath to give more clues.”

No doubt all will be revealed after August the 22nd when Curiosity becomes available on iOS, Android and PC.


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