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Billy Goat announces Chain Reaction Cycles: Pro-Cycling due out for iOS next week
by Matthew Diener 13/7/2012
Product: Chain Reaction Cycles: Pro-Cycling
Developer: Billy Goat Entertainment
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Sports
With the Tour de France ongoing, it's the ideal time for Billy Goat Entertainment to bring the thrill and nuance of professional cycling to the world of iOS gaming with Chain Reaction Cycles: Pro-Cycling.

The new bike-based title will offer a blend of strategic, management elements (hydration is important!) along with a more action-oriented racing element drawn from the days of Sega Rally.

Pro-Cycling will also support local multiplayer to allow friends to race against one another, and players can compare their best times against players the world over in Game Center.

Wearing lycra: not required

In addition to ample variation in gameplay, Chain Reaction Cycles: Pro-Cycling will offer players a rich audio and visual presentation.

Players will have the option to customise their riders - not in terms of blood doping of course -  jerseys, and helmets while the game’s soundtrack will feature music from some of North Ireland's top bands like Moscow Times, Window Seats and Escape Fails.

If you hadn't guessed, Billy Goat is based in Belfast. 

We will keep you updated with additional details about Chain Reaction Cycles: Pro-Cycling as they become available.
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