Strategy-RPG Castle Master 3D fights its way onto iPhone and iPad
By Anthony Usher 16 May 2012
Game Name: Castle Master 3D | Developer: Alpha Cloud | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: RPG, Strategy
A few weeks back, developer Alpha Cloud released its free-to-play iPhone and iPad strategy-RPG Castle Master 3D, which throws you headlong into a large-scale battle featuring 600 brave warriors.

Leading a party of 300 followers, you have to destroy the gate that's protecting your enemy's castle, before reclaiming the keep as your own.

You can use stat points to boost your abilities and develop your character into a variety of different classes, such as a Paladin-style knight who wields a single sword or a speedy knight who wields dual blades.

There are 27 different kinds of weapons for you to bloody as you slay your foes, as well as nine sets of armour that should keep your heart beating for a few minutes longer. If you manage to find Zeus's daughter, you'll even gain access to Zeus's Blade.

You can download Castle Master 3D from the App Store right now as a Universal app for free.

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