Bug Princess 2 Black Label swooping onto iPhone and iPad on June 23rd
By Anthony Usher 22 June 2012
Game Name: Bug Princess 2 Black Label | Developer: Cave | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Shooter
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Cave has just fired off a quick email to let us know that its latest iOS title, Bug Princess 2 Black Label, will blast onto the App Store on June 23rd.

This revamped version of Bug Princess 2 makes the frantic bullet-hell shooter a little easier for noobs to handle but even harder for experts. That's primarily thanks to an all-new incredibly difficult God mode, which features new enemy patterns and attacks.

There's also an iOS-exclusive Boss mode to delve into in Black Label, which sees you face off against bosses from the Bug Princess franchise using Black Label's Reco and Palm. In this mode, you can customise various elements of the game, such as the weapon you start with or the size of your ship.

If you excel in any of these modes, you can use this app's Twitter integration to brag about your best scores.

Bug Princess 2 Black Label will be available on June 23rd as a Universal app for £9.99 / $13.99.

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