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Facebook puzzler Bubble Witch Saga magically appears on iOS
by Jonathan Sutton 26/7/2012
Product: Bubble Witch Saga
Publisher: King
Format: iPhone, iPad
Genre: Action, Puzzle
As we anticipated, King.com has just brought Bubble Witch Saga over from Facebook to iOS. It's available from the App Store for absolutely nothing. Wahey!

Bubble Witch Saga is a Bust-A-Move-type match-three game in which you help a gaggle of witches fend off some dark spirits.

To do so, you have to fire differently coloured bubbles out of the witches' boiling cauldron at rows and rows of descending bubbles. Match the correspondingly coloured bubbles up and you're laughing.

Perhaps the most interesting element of Bubble Witch Saga, however, is the cross-platform login system. Any progress you make in the game - on your iPad, iPhone, or Facebook - will be automatically synced across all other devices.

Bubble Witch Saga has been a massive hit on Facebook, racking up over 4 million daily players - a total only bested by Zynga's library of titles.
Find out what all the fuss is about by downloading Bubble Witch Saga for free from the App Store now [download].

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