Bronze Award-winning card game Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer set to receive second in-game expansion pack
By James Gilmour 27 April 2012
Game Name: Ascension: Storm of Souls | Developer: Incinerator Studios | Publisher: Playdek | Format: iPhone, iPad
Playdek has announced it'll release another expansion pack for its Bronze Award-winning iOS card game Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer next month.

The full-size expansion, entitled Ascension: Storm of Souls, will be downloadable via an in-app purchase, and will deliver an all-new set of Trophy Monsters for you (and up to four friends) to track down and conquer.

This second add-on for the deck-building game picks up after the defeat of Samael the Fallen God, so you'll have to restore the battle-torn world of Vigil to its former glory by tackling foes via some brand-new game mechanics.

Deck to deck

As with the first expansion pack Return of the Fallen, you can use Storm of Souls in conjunction with the original deck or ignore the old cards completely and treat it as a standalone game.

Although the original Chronicle of the Godslayer game is required to purchase and play the expansions, Playdek has lowered the barrier to entry to 69p / 99c for a limited time to inject some new blood into its 1 million-strong community.

Ascension: Storm of Souls will be available to download as an in-app purchase in May. You can download the Universal title Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer from the App Store now.
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