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Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says Android is better than iOS in various ways

Fanning the flames

Product: Apple news | Manufacturer: Apple
Apple news Android, thumbnail 1
In a recent conversation with website The Daily Beast, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has claimed that the Android OS experience surpasses Apple's iPhone experience in a number of different ways, most notably in navigation and voice dictation.

"My primary phone is the iPhone. I love the beauty of it. But I wish it did all the things my Android does, I really do," Wozniak said.

"I have a lower success rate with Siri than I do with the voice built into the Android, and that bothers me. I'll be saying, over and over again in my car, 'Call the Lark Creek Steak House,' and I can't get it done. Then I pick up my Android, say the same thing, and it's done. Plus I get navigation. Android is way ahead on that."

Wozniak was quick to admit that Google's OS is a little trickier to get to grips with than iOS, but commented: "If you're willing to do the work to understand it a little bit, well I hate to say it, but there's more available in some ways."

Mac Daddy

In spite of the above comments, the Apple co-founder still recommends the iPhone as the best device out there for the majority of consumers looking to pick up a new smartphone.

"The people I recommend the iPhone 4S for are the ones who are already in the Mac world, because it's so compatible, and people who are just scared of computers altogether and don't want to use them."

"The iPhone is the least frightening thing. For that kind of person who is scared of complexity, well, here's a phone that is simple to use and does what you need it to do," he concluded.

What do YOU think? Will Android eventually do to iOS what Windows did to the Mac in the '90s?

Know Your Mobile

Reviewer photo
Anthony Usher 17 January 2012
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Show: Latest | Oldest
Dec 2008
Post count:
klouud | 19:18 - 17 January 2012
@Chivas - I agree with your gripes
Nov 2011
Post count:
Chivas77 | 18:43 - 17 January 2012
iOS is great but there's some things that really bug me, firstly Wi-Fi toggles, Location toggles, bluetooth toggles, somewhere easily accessible would be great. At the moment I can't jailbreak my 4S, but once this becomes possible, the first thing I'll do is install sbsettings. I don't understand why something like sbsettings can't just be part of iOS, a simple swipe and options to turn bluetooth on/off wi-fi on/off are right there. At the moment you have to go back to settings and do things one by one, just ultra cumbersome.

Multi-tasking sucks on iOS, I mean it works to an extent, but if you want to close the background apps, you have to double tap the home button to bring up these open apps, then you have to hold one of the icons to make them jiggle, then you have to close each one manually, one by one. It's 2012, surely there has to be a less annoying, clumsy way to manage this! Again sbsettings (with remove background plugin) is a saviour, one swipe and one click, every background app is gone

iOS is user friendly up to a point, but I'm looking at symbian phone from 2008, and the home screen was far more user friendly, everything you need is there, email/wi-fi toggles/contacts/messages, just one click away, you hold one button for a couple of seconds and all the background apps pop up. I really think Apple can still make life easier for us.
Dec 2008
Post count:
klouud | 17:55 - 17 January 2012
*shook not shoot...
Dec 2008
Post count:
klouud | 17:55 - 17 January 2012

LOL! I guess that is what he sorta said.

I think the point is not that iOS is for stupid people and Android is for smart people. The point is that Android is overly complex, unintuitive, highly fragmented, and organized like they put all the features in and shoot them up and things fell where they wanted to.

Everything feels unorganized with Android - yes I have an android device.

Just like OSX, iOS just works the way you "think" it should. I thinking that bragging about how complex a piece of software is to use is really dumb....

Oh snap man! My OS is so difficult to use that you need to spend a couple of days with it to get the hang of it.

I would much rather just be able to pick something up and intuitively use it... hence iOS.

Now there are strengths that Android has that iOS lacks. But again, it all comes down to what you are willing to sacrifice.

With me, there is no contest - iOS wins hands down in spite of the short comings. With others its the exact opposite - its called healthy competition.

Diversity is a good thing.

Dec 2011
Post count:
alanskislarge | 17:03 - 17 January 2012
Thanks Woz, for pointing out that iPhone is the best mobile device for those who lack the ability to think critically or exercise common sense. My sentiments exactly!
Dec 2008
Post count:
klouud | 14:50 - 17 January 2012
Oh! And Apple needs to implement texting from the lock screen and within apps/from the notification center.
Apr 2010
Post count:
jeffyg3 | 13:34 - 17 January 2012
Only thing I really miss switching from Android to iPhone is the widgets, and maybe the animated wallpapers but the wallpaper part really isn't a biggie at all. I don't understand why Apple won't allow decelopers to make widgets in the notification center. I do like the idea of widgets in a drop down slider in iOS and can get to them in any screen much better than taking up a part of the screen space and ultimatley wasting more battery power than needed like in Android, so widgets in iOS would be mich appreciated and don't really want to go back to jailbreaking just to do that.
Dec 2008
Post count:
klouud | 13:03 - 17 January 2012
I agree with his comments. Apple needs to open up some options as far as the user experience goes.

They don't even have to allow 3rd party development when it comes to these options - and people would be ok with that.

What apple really needs to do to appease the public is:

1. greatly expand the functionality of the notification center
2. incorporate a theming function within the settings app
3. upgrade the maps.app to function more like the Android counterpart - namely, turn by turn functionality

those are the biggies - other stuff would be nice such as pictures beside contacts in the contacts/phone app - common sense stuff like that.