Find and Call application marks first instance of malware in Apple's App Store
By Anthony Usher 06 July 2012
Game Name: App Store | Manufacturer: Apple | Format: iPhone, iPad
Thanks to Apple's ├╝ber-strict approval process, the App Store has gained a reputation for being an impenetrable fortress devoid of dodgy, dangerous, and malware-riddled apps.

That used to be the case, anyway.

Find and Spam

According to antivirus specialist Kaspersky, a Russian-language app called Find and Call, which was also available on Google Play, made it past Apple's defences. Essentially a trojan, the app stole its users' address book details, then uploaded them to a remote server.

Once uploaded, the app sent spam messages to the email addresses and phone numbers found on each victim's device, telling them about the application.

Sneakily, the app, which claimed to be a utility for simplifying your contacts list, asked permission to "find friends" within a user's contacts book, then promptly bombarded them with spam.

Naturally, Apple has dragged it kicking and screaming from the App Store. It's no longer on Google Play, either.

"The Find and Call app has been removed from the App Store due to its unauthorised use of users' address book data, a violation of App Store guidelines," Trudy Muller, an Apple spokesperson, told Wired.

I don't think so

In a statement to AppleInsider.ru, the developer of Find and Call attributed the spamming issues to a simple bug.

"System is in process of beta-testing. In result of failure of one of the components there is a spontaneous sending of inviting SMS messages. This bug is in process of fixing. SMS are sent by the system, that is why it won't affect your mobile account," he said.

While malware has been a problem in Google Play numerous times in the past, this is a new issue for Apple. An issue that we hope doesn't continue to rear its ugly head.
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