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Finnish silversmith launches high-end Angry Birds jewelry line
by Matthew Diener 18/5/2012
Product: Angry Birds
Developer: Rovio
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Casual
Rovio is no stranger when it comes to successfully marketing its Angry Birds brand, but a high-end jewelry line based around the birds seems a bit ambitious.

Forbes is reporting that Rovio has teamed up with Finnish jewelry shop Primesmith to debut a line of silver Angry Birds themed rings, pendants, earrings, bangles, and brooches.

The line is currently in development, but its flagship design – a silver Mighty Eagle Ring – is available for purchase now.

The bird that laid the silver egg

Finnish designer Kristian Saarikorpi collaborated with Rovio in the design of the Mighty Eagle ring pictured below.

While it is a subtle and fetching piece of jewelry, the ring commands a $290 price tag and so will likely only appear on the fingers of only the most faithful fowl flingers.

Thankfully for more frugal fans of the Angry Birds brand, other pieces in the line will be more realistically priced.

The pendant in the sidebar, for example, is expected to retail for $50.

Bringing home the bacon

Primesmith intends to expand the Angry Birds line to include more comedic pieces of jewelry that feature the pigs, as well as more dramatic depictions of the Angry Birds themselves.

And based on the success of the Angry Birds jewelry line, Primesmith has ambitious plans to expand its operations to create and distribute jewelry for other digital franchises – assuming that contracts, rights, and royalties can be sorted first.

Fingers crossed for a pair of Om Nom cufflinks!
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