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Angry Birds Space gets 20 new levels and Orange Bird in Utopia update
by James Gilmour 26/7/2012
Product: Angry Birds Space
Publisher: Rovio
Format: Android, iPhone, iPad
Genre: Casual, Puzzle
The avians are flying back to Utopia in the latest update to Angry Birds Space. In this refresh to the wildly popular intergalactic puzzler, there are new levels, new characters, and an almighty boss fight.

Serving as a follow-up to May's food planet-based Utopia update, today's add-on delivers 20 brand-new levels packed full of cookie-crushing, donut-destroying carnage.

Rovio has also sent the inflatable Orange Bird into space (complete with rather fetching space braces) to help his feathered companions reclaim their captured eggs.

Speaking of which, the dev has introduced a brand-new oval-shaped playable character into the game. With this newbie warrior - referred to only as "space egg" - up your sleeve, you can now punish those thieving piggies with some hard-boiled artillery.

Boss of me

In this latest version of Angry Birds Space, there's also a new boss fight, which promises to be a battle of truly gargantuan proportions.

And finally, if you successfully three-star all the levels, a little bird tells me you'll unlock ten hidden bonus levels. Not bad, eh.

You can pick up Angry Birds Space on iPhone [buy], iPad [buy], and Android [download] now.
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