Angry Birds Seasons update ‘Piglantis’ now available
By Matthew Diener 14 June 2012
Game Name: Angry Birds Seasons  | Developer: Rovio | Publisher: Rovio | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Casual, Puzzle
Rovio has updated Angry Birds Seasons today, which is the first update since the Cherry Blossoms of early March.

Piglantis takes Angry Birds fans to the beaches with 30 all new aquatic levels that offer new challenges, a new soundtrack, and - most noteworthy of all – new underwater physics.

Bouncing buoyant birds

One of the most intriguing aspects of Piglantis is the physics engine that Rovio applied to the update – a feature which we previously thought would be too ambitious for them to attempt for a Seasons update.

Out on the open oceans of Piglantis, you can launch birds into – and out of – the water along with bits of scenery and the bad piggies themselves.

While pigs will sink (and pop when they hit the sea floor), the birds are buoyant enough that they will float back to the surface after running out of momentum underwater. The same holds true for blocks of ice and wood.

Stone blocks, predictably, will sink like the bad piggies.

Check back in for our in-depth Golden Egg guide for Piglantis, which should be up on site within the next few days.
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