Alive4ever Mini brings undead pandas, deer, and a whole lot of gore to iPhone
By Will Wilson 21 May 2012
Game Name: Alive4ever Mini | Developer: Meridian Digital Entertainment | Format: iPhone | Genre: Shooter
Normally, a sequel takes what its predecessor does and ratchets it up a notch: increasing the baddy and gun count (if it's a shooter) and adding more intricate levels and larger set pieces.

Alive4ever Mini, on the other hand, takes the dark zombie-slaying twin-stick shooting antics of the original game and then goes over everything with a cartoony brush.

So, rather than struggling against the hordes of the undead in the dark, you'll be doing an Age of Zombies and facing off against large-headed mummies and other assorted undead (including pandas, natch) as they attempt to suck on your brains.

One thing that hasn't been changed, however, is the level of blood and gore that gets splattered on-screen. It's no Disney animation, that's for sure.

There will be blood

There are four heroes to choose from (as you could probably guess from the title), 20 types of zombies to maim, and 12 weapons - ranging from Chainsaws to Chain-Lightning Guns - to utilise.

A multiplayer mode is planned for the future, but in the meantime there are still 30 levels to get your teeth into and some "gigantic bosses" to take down on your own while you wait.

Alive4ever Mini is available now for iPhone, priced at 69p / 99c. You can nab it by hitting the button below.
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