Grease the cogs in your head with iOS puzzler A Clockwork Brain
By Jon Jordan 23 June 2012
Game Name: A Clockwork Brain | Publisher: Total Eclipse | Format: iPhone, iPad | Genre: Brain training
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How are your little grey cells?

Greek developer Total Eclipse wants to ensure they remain in tiptop condition with its brain training game A Clockwork Brain.

Mixing up various mini-games in timed sessions to tone and train your memory and reflexes, it tracks your performance via Game Center and OpenFeint, rewarding daily play with tokens so you can unlock upgrades.

Now I see

Presented in a steampunk style with a robot professor, there's a free version for you to try out. This comes with five mini-games.

Scrolling silhouettes trains your visual and spatial abilities as you try to quickly tap on the same shapes, there's an anagram game, a chase the numbers memory game, and one that has you counting up missing tiles. You can also unlock a bonus size-based game with the tokens.

Six additional premium mini-games are available via in-app purchase packs (99c, €0.79, 69p for two), or you can purchase everything via the premium version of A Clockwork Brain - currently $1.99, €1.59 or £1.49.

The game also support Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Italian and Greek languages.

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