How do you want to kill your zombies today: 3D realistic gore or 2D 8-bit greyscale?
By Matthew Diener 03 August 2012
Game Name: 8-Bit Zombie | Publisher: Ali Younis | Format: iPhone | Genre: Shooter
The rapidly saturating niche of zombie games is about to become more saturated thanks to the release of 8-Bit Zombie and Dead Rage: Prologue Plus, two games that take two very different approaches to the zombie-killing genre.

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, 8-Bit Zombie allows players to dismember and splatter zombies all over the greyscale 2-D environments, bringing an interesting retro aesthetic to the familiar 'kill all zombies' style of gameplay.

8-Bit Zombie offers no great pretense at plot (you take the role of 'a random dude in a science lab') but will surely appeal to fans of NES-style side-scrolling games and chiptune music.

Enter, the bloodstain

On the 3D side of the equation is Dead Rage: Prologue Plus, a hyper-realistic first-person shooter that stands hip-deep in blood and guts.

Dead Rage bills itself as 'The Bloodiest FPS Game!' and weaves in a bit of a mystery to the zombie apocalypse, challenging players to discover the cause of the virus responsible for the downfall of civilisation.

While 8-Bit Zombie features blood and dismemberment as a joke and may even be considered cute in its own way, Dead Rage: Prologue Plus absolutely revels in covering the screen with buckets of gore.

Featuring a combo system, shaky cam realism, targeting headshots and the Sin City-esque RAGE mode, Dead Rage: Prologue Plus is not for the faint of stomach.

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