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Vivid Strip Poker

For: Mobile

Stripped-down ladies for a stripped-down game

Product: Vivid Strip Poker | Developer: Delight Entertainment | Publisher: Twistbox Games | Format: Mobile | Genre: Adult, Card/ board game | Players: 1 | Format: J2ME | File size: 144KB | Reviewed on: K750i other handsets | Version: Europe
Vivid Strip Poker Mobile, thumbnail 1
Strip poker is like a vice sandwich. In the real-life version there would no doubt be lashings of booze about, too, and potentially other, harder, substances to accompany the naked flesh. Of course, a digital pint of lager or a shot of whisky with a dash of coke offers limited satisfaction, particularly when it's nothing more than a few pixels on a two-inch screen, so gamers usually have to make do with 'just' the gambling and scantily clad ladies.

Vivid Strip Poker joins the long trail of poker games already on mobile, so the question is whether this title from the steamier side of life can hold its own at a table hosting higher profile releases such as Poker Million and Midnight Hold'em Poker. And precisely because this is an adult title, it would perhaps be foolish to expect a game with a deeply thought-out story or one blessed with astounding depth.

First impressions at least are good. You get the choice to play with a full or half deck, which only includes the higher and picture cards. At the start of the game, you are afforded a small stash of chips to bet with and, for the most part, the game proceeds as you would expect: cards are dealt; you bet; you raise; you bluff; and you desperately switch your hand around trying to avoid losing those beautiful little chips.

All this standard stuff is really well executed. During the card dealing, for instance, an attractive graphical representation of the dealer's hand appears at the top of the screen – a really nice touch, making things seem a little more like a real game of poker on a real raggedy green table, rather than just another electronic diversion.

After each round, a grid pops up, where you get to spend your hard-bluffed cash on revealing various parts of an already lesser-clad lady. In other words, it's not strip poker in the strictest sense – you don't get to see the lady in question, say, dancing around while unleashing her bra straps. Rather, you simply pay to reveal squares of a static image, where the juiciest of blocks demands the highest price.

For fans of wry smiled cheekiness, this may be slightly disappointing, but on the plus side the images are of good enough quality, and of the nipples-on-show-with-a-sexy-smile variety.

All good so far, then, but unfortunately Vivid strip Poker does fall at one of the classic adult game hurdles in terms of gameplay. Here, the poker is simply a little unconvincing. The system doesn't feel sufficiently chance-based – rather, there seems to be a pattern that emerges.

At times you can tell from your original hand which cards to drop and, like a Brighton seafront Mystic Meg impersonator, prophesise a little too accurately what's going to pop up from the dealer's hand when the second dealing round comes about.

Making the game this way when the big draw for many will indeed be the saucy shots rather than the grit of the card mechanic itself is understandable. But it means that in pure poker terms, this cannot really stand up to some of the other poker titles around.

For those looking for an adult game with a breezy side-salad of gameplay nourishment, Vivid Strip Poker is a good choice. However, if you're here for the smoky-roomed, darting eyes, pot-bellied hardcore poker experience, you're probably better off looking elsewhere.
Vivid Strip Poker
Reviewer photo
Andrew Williams | 1 February 2007
Good-looking poker title with some pleasingly applied slight pornographic content, but unlikely to satisfy the poker hardnuts
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