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Ultimate Ski Racing 2
On the slide
by Keith Andrew 10/2/2012
Product: Ultimate Ski Racing 2
Publisher: Glu Mobile
Format: Mobile
Genre: Racing, Sports
Players: 1
Format: J2ME
File size: 840KB
Version: Europe
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It says very little for my prospects as a skier that despite Ultimate Ski Racing 2 being almost a carbon copy of its predecessor I'm no better at this game than I was at the original.

This is a return trip I was more than happy to make, however.

Despite the original game's simplicity, managing to get to the end of the run in anything but last spot was always an immense and enjoyable challenge.

Second time lucky

And so it is here.

In fact, pretty much every element of the original Ultimate Ski Racing has been duplicated in this sequel, to the point that telling the difference between them – beyond the odd visual tweak – is near impossible. ...
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Ultimate Ski Racing 2 is simple but deliciously difficult at the same time. Its biggest flaw, mind, is that - a splash of colour here and there aside - it's identical to its predecessor
Audio/visual: 7
Gameplay: 8
Value: 7
Innovation: 0
Overall: 7
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