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First info and shots of Prison Break mobile game

Him with the tattoos is still on the run

Product: Prison Break | Publisher: Vivendi Games Mobile | Genre: Film/ TV tie- in
For: Mobile
Prison Break Mobile, thumbnail 1
In a nutshell, TV drama Prison Break is like Porridge, except the main characters have more ambition. Kind of. If tattooing was more popular when the Brit sitcom was first aired, the parallel might be even closer.

Anyway, Prison Break is also mightily popular, which is why the official mobile game will be one of the more anticipated titles of 2008. And we've got the first screenshots and gameplay info, courtesy of publisher Vivendi Games Mobile.

The game will see you playing Michael Scofield, obviously, and it's based on the first season of the show. Key set-pieces included are the prison riot, the Taj Mahal building bit, and the tunnel-digging bit. Sorry if that's spoiled the plot for you (but then every prison drama has a tunnel-digging bit and a riot at some point...)

In the game, you'll get to interact with ten characters from the show as you play through 36 maps spread across 12 different environments. It's an adventure game, so you'll be wandering round talking to fellow inmates, collecting items, and solving puzzles.

Interested? Prison Break is set to escape onto mobiles in June. Expect a hands-on preview as soon as we can pick the lock of Vivendi's games vault.

Reviewer photo
Stuart Dredge 8 April 2008
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