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King of Sex City

For: Mobile

Is every game with the word 'sex' in the title truly awful? Maybe not...

Product: King of Sex City | Developer: brainmelt | Publisher: brainmelt | Format: Mobile | Genre: Adult, Party/ mini- games | Players: 1 | Format: J2ME | File size: 151KB | Reviewed on: K750i other handsets | Version: Europe
King of Sex City Mobile, thumbnail 1
It would seem sex games and mobiles are stuck together like a pair of rutting dogs. Unfortunately though, you can't simply throw a bucket of cold water over them – for one, you'd run out of water. Scan the game adverts in any magazine aimed at anyone under the age of 40 and you'll find them royally peppered with all manner of mobile titles aimed at easing a young male's libido.

Which brings us neatly to King of Sex City, a game that's unapologetically all about sex. And you've got to admire its brazen honesty, as there's nothing more irritating than a game that's little more than a second rate puzzler with the odd badly digitized picture of a topless woman thrown in as a token 'reward' when you've completed a stage.

The (very) basic aim of the game is to shag your way through five stages to complete the game as the king of Sex City. Each stage has you 'in the act' with between one and four young women and to progress you need to, well, you get the idea.

When the act between you and your current conquest (or conquests) comes to its natural conclusion, then you're on to the next stage – which means an increase in the difficulty level and, usually, an increase in the number of women clinging enthusiastically to you.

Obviously there needs to be some sort of gameplay tied into all this mindless smuttery, and rather surprisingly, it's actually handled quite well. As the act gets underway, a number from one to three will flash up on the screen and you've got a split-second to press the button before it disappears. But the numbers keep coming and, as the stages progress, the amount of time you have to press the buttons decreases rapidly.

The bar at the top of the screen records your progress, and to complete the stage you need to fill this bar. Each time you press a button correctly the bar increases and each time you press the wrong one (or don't press one at all) the bar decreases. When it reduces to zero you lose one of your three lives. To spice things up further, each stage has a bonus irritation that can only be dealt with by pressing the '5' button when it flashes up. These bonuses range from a cat that won't leave you alone to a ringing phone or a persistent mosquito.

King of Sex City isn't a difficult game, nor is it a long one, but it is mildly entertaining and fun for the short amount of time it'll take you to complete. We obviously don't recommend that you buy it (if only because of the potential embarrassment if someone finds it on your phone), but it's fair to say that there are much worse sex-themed games out there that are far less obvious and therefore far more offensive.
King of Sex City
Reviewer photo
Dean Mortlock | 1 June 2005
Crass and bawdy, sure, but not as horrible as you might expect
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