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Greystripe proves effectiveness of in-game advertising

And New Line Cinema's The Golden Compass is one of the first to reap the rewards

Product: Greystripe news | Manufacturer: GreyStripe
Greystripe news Mobile, thumbnail 1
It seems that some of you out there are lying about mobile advertising. Though almost everyone we ever speak to claims to hate it with a passion, a report conducted recently by ad-funded game guru, Greystripe, and research firm, Dynamic Logic, confirms that mobile advertising is very effective.

In a case study featured in the report, a mobile advertising campaign for New Line Cinema's The Golden Compass (broadcast during load times for certain mobile games) outperformed a typical online advertising campaign by 52 per cent in terms of brand awareness. Not only that but the end result was a 9.5 per cent increase in interest in seeing the film among all respondents.

It may be quite dry sounding stuff but the implications for mobile gamers are potentially seismic. The ad-funded game model has inspired quite a bit of debate since it first emerged and now that it is starting to prove itself as a genuinely compelling model for both the consumer and the publisher, we could start seeing many more ad-funded games, particularly of the big franchise variety.

It isn't that far fetched to imagine that games based on movies may start to opt for the ad-funded route much more often, where the game is essentially a part of the advertising campaign for the the film. Obviously there are good and bad implications of such a future to consider but, either way, it's further proof (if it were needed) that ad-funded gaming is anything but a phase.

Reviewer photo
Fraser MacInnes 28 April 2008
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