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Farm Frenzy 2 being planted on Java mobiles

Looking like a winter crop

Product: Farm Frenzy 2 | Developer: Alawar Entertainment | Publisher: Connect2Media | Genre: Simulation, Strategy
For: Mobile   Also on: Android
Farm Frenzy 2 Mobile, thumbnail 1
Farm Frenzy sneaked up on me earlier in the year. Despite it being an insanely popular PC Flash title that’s been played over 21 million times, and fairly popular iOS game, I wasn’t prepared for the Java title’s surprisingly enjoyable mixture of the time-management and economic strategy genres.

I’m ready for the sequel, however, which Connect2Media will be publishing later on in the year.

Farm Frenzy 2 features 90 more story-based levels and new products (and, by extension, buildings) to manage, including the ability to create ‘homely houseware’.

As with the previous game, the focus is as much on creating efficient supply chains of buildings as it is on moving around the various jobs on the farm at speed.

Farm Frenzy 2 is expected to produce fruit on Java networks later in the winter.

[Images taken from the original game]

Reviewer photo
Will Wilson 26 October 2010
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Anonymous | 13:13 - 28 October 2010
Java and to some degree .Net are the main choices because they have been consistently pegged as the “safe” choice to go with for mid-level project managers in the corporate world. No one was ever fired for choosing Java or Microsoft.

However, there are many large distributed applications these days that run primarily with technologies like Python, PHP, et al. Even companies like Google and Yahoo are heavily invested in these technologies. Java may be the main choice for enterprise development now, but it’s days are numbered as the only stalwart option to go with.

Let’s face it, many of these so called “enterprise applications” could easily have been written much faster and with less overhead using technologies like Python, PHP, et al.