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29 March 2006 | Send to a friend
2006 Real Football tips, hints and cheats
Game name: 2006 Real Football | Developer: Gameloft | Publisher: Gameloft | Format: Mobile | Genre: Simulation, Sports | Players: 1
Jab the '5' button to tackle when you're nearby an opponent, even when the ball is airborne – you can usually jostle them off the ball.
Sorting out your movement control is paramount – if you're happy to use your phone's keypad then fab, if not we recommend the joypad for most control, with occasional use of the 1, 3,7 and 9 keys for sprints down the wing or on goal.
Tap a directional key twice to start sprinting (there's no limit on this but you are more susceptible to tackles).
Tap the '5' key twice to pull off a one-two pass or hold it down for a through-ball.
A quick jab of the fire button '0' will pull off a snapshot, but these are best for volleys or close in strikes.
To pick a spot, you'll need to keep an eye on the bar, which appears when you're in range and then hold the fire button for power.
Although the controls don't mention it, we're convinced you can often add after touch by moving the joypad after the ball's been kicked, and this can help beat the most agile keeper.
Crosses can create some great chances; sprint down the wing and use the 'hash' key to unleash a pass, then jab '0' to volley.
We're not really sure about the best way to score from corners, so feel free to post your thoughts on the forum.
There's a host of teams (including 'classic' European sides) to unlock by winning competitions, which can then be selected from the friendly menu.
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