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Play Game Boy Advance titles this spring on the Wii U via Virtual Console
by Anthony Usher 23/1/2013
Product: Nintendo news
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Format: GameBoy
Nintendo has just announced that it will introduce Virtual Console functionality to the Wii U sometime after the home console's spring firmware update is issued.

The Wii U's Virtual Console will initially only offer NES and SNES games, but Game Boy Advance titles will eventually be included, too.

Unfortunately, Ninty stopped short of revealing which GBA titles we'll see on the Wii U, but the company will presumably attempt to offer all of its classic GBA hits via the Virtual Console.

We've already got our fingers crossed for Golden Sun, Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, Mario Kart Super Circuit, and Metroid Fusion.

When, then?

Nintendo did, however, announce that classic titles available via the Wii U's Virtual Console will boast additional features, such as Miiverse communities.

You'll also be able to play these classic games on just the console's GamePad - if you like - thanks to the Wii U's Off TV Play.

Ninty has hinted that the Wii U's Virtual Console will go live in April, but we'll let you know as soon as a solid release date is confirmed.
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