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Capcom promises more Mega Man Game Boy games for 3DS Virtual Console
by Mark Brown 19/7/2013
Product: Mega Man
Publisher: Capcom
Format: GameBoy, 3DS
Genre: Action
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3DS Virtual Console game Mega Man: Dr Wily's Revenge will soon be joined by all the other handheld Mega Man games, Capcom has revealed.

Specifically, that includes Mega Man II, III, and IV, all of which feature recycled Robot Masters from the NES games.

In Mega Man II, for example, the first four stages and their bosses come from Mega Man 2, while the last four are taken from Mega Man 3.

Two to Tango

Mega Man V will also be available on Virtual Console. All-new bosses and a robot cat called Tango starred in this instalment.

We only recently put it on our list of the world's most expensive handheld games, stating that "the cartridge costs about £50, you see, but a boxed copy could set you back £300".

Hopefully, the Virtual Console version will be a little bit cheaper than that.

Capcom has also promised that Game Boy Color entries Mega Man Xtreme and Mega Man Xtreme 2 - which feature stages, enemies, and bosses from the Mega Man X series on SNES - will hit the retro download service.

"We don't have release dates set just yet," Capcom said on its Unity blog.

But we do know that the games will appear on the eShop in both the US and Europe.
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