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[Update] Triple Town developer's cute new game is basically SpaceChem in multiplayer
by Mark Brown 31/1/2013
Product: Leap Day
Developer: Spry Fox
Format: Facebook and social
Spry Fox, the creator of the dangerously addictive puzzler Triple Town, has launched a new free-to-play, browser-based game called Leap Day.

Built in collaboration with Sparkypants Studios, Leap Day is a co-operative building game, where up to eight players work together to solve one giant puzzle over the course of four real days.

Once every four years

Your main job is to lay down pathways for stout yellow critters, who dutifully bounce along their predetermined routes, picking up goodies as they go.

Leap Day

You want to create ruthlessly efficient roadways that force your leaping workers to harvest new resources and then dump them into factories.

In those factories - when stuffed with the right ingredients - new resources can be forged for you to use. It's all a bit complicated and fiddly, but a handy tutorial will help explain the basics.

Leap Day is currently in open beta, which means you can play it in your browser right now.

Will it ever hit mobile? We'll ask Spry Fox and let you know the answer when we get a response.

Updated on January 31st, at 16:25: David Edry of Spry Fox told us that "we are definitely bringing Leap Day to mobile". This browser-only launch helps the dev "work out the kinks".
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