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Rovio teases 'Angry Birds Friends' for Facebook
by Will Wilson 22/5/2012
Product: Angry Birds on Facebook
Developer: Rovio
Format: Facebook and social
Genre: Action, Strategy
Rovio seems to delight in teasing everyone with Angry Birds news these days. Just a week after the teaser page for Angry Birds Heikki opened for business, those tantalising Finns are teasing what looks like new levels for a Facebook version of the game.

At least, that's what the company's tweet suggests. However, the teaser image itself, complete with "coming soon" reference and what looks to be a stadium of creatures, has the intriguing logo 'Angry Birds Friends' in the corner.

A new game, then? An even more social experiment than the current leaderboard-heavy title? Multiplayer, even? Or just simply a new set of levels?

Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait a little longer to find out exactly what Rovio has up its sleeve.

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