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How to upload photos from DSi to Facebook
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Product: Nintendo DSi | Publisher: Nintendo
Nintendo DSi DSi, thumbnail 1
To be honest, I'm not sure whether adding another method of uploading embarrassing photos of my friends to Facebook is a good thing, but with the new firmware release for the DSi, that's exactly what Nintendo lets us do.

Of course, as with all these things, it takes a bit of setting up the first time you want to upload a photo. But once completed, it's pretty easy to do.

What I won't show you, however, is how to update your DSi firmware (to version 1.4).

New DSis will automatically come with this software installed so if you have a new DSi, you won't have to do anything. Just follow the steps below. Everyone else will have to download the new firmware to update the DSi's operating system.

The easiest way to do this is to go into the Systems Settings menu - the far left of the DSi main menu. Then select the far right screen [4] and hit the System Update button. This requires you to connect to the internet via wi-fi, so you must have set up wi-fi on your DSi. You must also know your 4 digit pin number [default is 0,0,0,0].

You will also be given the option to download the update when you go to the DSi Shop.

Otherwise, let's upload a photo to Facebook...

On the main DSi menu, select and tap the DSi camera button.

In the camera menu, tap the Album button to upload an photo to Facebook.

The first time you do this, you will see some help screens telling you about the new feature. As you can see here, you need to tap on the 'f' icon above your photo to upload to Facebook.

And, obviously, you will need to have a Facebook account already to upload a photo to it.

This is the photo, I'm going to upload. All I do is tap the 'f' icon on the far right of the menu.

The DSi needs to connect to the internet to access Facebook, so you'll need to be in range of a wi-fi network.

The first time you connect to Facebook, you'll have to enter your username and password.

You enter them using the software keyboard and your stylus.

Your email address will be saved, so you don't have to enter this every time you want to upload, but you will have to enter your password for each upload session.

This being Nintendo, you get loads of check messages to ensure you know exactly what you're doing.

Here's another check message.

This is what you should see once your photo has been uploaded.

And here is my photo on my Facebook page. Neatly, all your uploads from your DSi are grouped into a folder called 'Photos from Nintendo DSi'.

Don't miss our How To guides for DS, as well as our growing How To DSi guides section.

Reviewer photo
Jon Jordan 3 August 2009
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Dec 2011
Post count:
millie | 03:50 - 26 December 2011
I use to be able to put my pics on Facebook, Now it said to use this feature you must accept the terms of the nintendo DSI Network Service Agreenet in the System settings.. Why ?? and no matter what I do I still can't seem to get it to work
Anonymous | 02:43 - 2 January 2011
how in tha hell do i put my picturesfrom my dsi xl on facbook
Anonymous | 18:31 - 4 November 2010
mine keeps saying the error code thing its annyoing it sayss error code 034312 plz help
Anonymous | 04:26 - 30 September 2010
GOD its not working it keeps saying tht error code or whatever what u do??????????????????????????????????
Anonymous | 01:26 - 24 June 2010
Mine wont freakin connect 2 the freakin internet please help me!!!! :(
Anonymous | 16:07 - 14 June 2010
mine wont connect to the internet y :(
Anonymous | 23:36 - 2 June 2010
omg thankx. that was too easy. i really appreciate it.
Anonymous | 15:50 - 18 April 2010
How do you get the F (for facebook) icon thing?
Anonymous | 17:31 - 3 August 2009
so is it our turn to finaly get this f*cking firmware update or damb nintendo sucks ass i miss my SONY psp
Anonymous | 11:34 - 3 August 2009
Ah..too easy!
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