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Crazy Hunter

For: DSi   Also on: 3DS

Gets one's goat

Product: Crazy Hunter | Developer: EnjoyUp Games | Publisher: EnjoyUp Games | Format: DSi | Genre: Action, Adventure, Racing | Players: 1 | Version: Europe
Crazy Hunter DSi, thumbnail 1
I wouldn't for a moment suggest that all games need to have stories as well-written and comprehensive as Lord of the Rings. But they should at least be coherent.

Crazy Hunter doesn't come close to attempting this. Although its faults run deeper than a nonsensical setup, its bizarre narrative is symptomatic of a general lack of care.

(These are my thoughts)

You play as a crocodile who's hunting for goats. Instead of swimming after them through the shallows, you pilot an unwieldy power boat with a startlingly limited amount of fuel on-board.

Steering this craft down narrow stretches of river, you have to smash into the pile of buoys and sweets the goats are standing on to knock them into the water. This earns you more fuel.

When you reach the end of each uneventful course, avoiding a few hazards along the way, you climb into a giant crane and use it to fish the goats out of the water. Miss too many and your crane runs out of fuel.

After you've repeated this a few times, you then need to stack the goats on top of one another with a larger crane. By the end of your run you'll hopefully have built a high enough tower to reach a cloud that has golden eggs on top of it.

Attentive readers will have seen the paradox: the crane is tall enough to stack twenty goats, but not tall enough to reach the cloud itself.


The DS has had some pretty astounding-looking games, but this is not one of them. Low resolution textures and objects endlessly repeat throughout your travels, while the environment and character design are drab.

Audio fares little better, with just one highly annoying song looping over and over. If this somehow manages to remain inoffensive to you, then the grainy sound effects will soon have you reaching for the volume slider.

Crazy Hunter feels like nothing more than a mini-game in a much larger adventure. Repetitive, boring, and about as logical as, well, a crocodile on a power boat, Crazy Hunter is a waste of your time and money. 
Crazy Hunter
Reviewer photo
Peter Willington | 12 September 2012
Crazy Hunter is bland and confusing in every regard, and the only thing that's truly crazy about it is that EnjoyUp Games is expecting you to pay money for it
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