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Nintendo DS start here
Get to grips with this loveable touchscreen triumph...
Product: True | Genre: True

Just as it did with the Game Boy Advance, Nintendo's DS is reaping the rewards of its clever design and excellent support from game publishers. The handheld has been breaking hardware sales records like they're paper-thin wafer biscuits, meaning our DS Lite and DSi units should be getting more attention than ever.

The DS section of our site is packed with everything you need to make the most of Nintendo's portable success. Our news section keeps you updated with all the latest DS-flavoured info, our previews give you the heads up on what to look out for, while our reviews tell you what we think of the newest releases in both the UK and further afield. And if you're interested in buying in games from abroad, you'll want our guide to importing games to help you along.

If you're looking for something extra, we have a collection of great tutorials to expand your DS usage. Beginners should try our simpler How Tos, such as calibrating the touchscreen – but we've dealt with everything from running unofficial 'homebrewed' code to redecorating your console.

Despite the release of the DSi, the DS has a shining future ahead of it. And we'll continue to have it all covered. Why not let us know what you think of the DS's next step is likely to be by signing up to our forums? We've got a dedicated DS section where you can share your opinion with other Pocket Gamer readers, and if you feel like duking it out with other console owners, you can visit the PSP and Mobile sections, too.

In the meantime, those of an inquisitive nature might want to check out our Nintendo Portable History four-part feature series. Or Handheld Classics, which looks at the key players of portable gaming prior to the DS and PSP. Alternatively, there's Portable Pedigree – features which trace the evolution of some of the biggest game franchises on handheld.

Reviewer photo
Joao Diniz Sanches 16 October 2005
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Dec 2011
Post count:
HAZRUL | 09:13 - 24 December 2011
Anonymous | 06:12 - 3 December 2010
IT super......... best....mo than...
Anonymous | 18:36 - 27 December 2009
awesome i hope you dont lose your ds since i have one i can now play pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of sky well awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous | 17:01 - 6 September 2009
how do you downlod games
Mar 2009
Post count:
shayna101 | 21:47 - 4 March 2009
Anonymous | 22:23 - 27 February 2009
awsome i hope you dont loose your ds
Anonymous | 22:22 - 27 February 2009
awsome i hope you dont loose yours ds