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Top Nintendo DS Emulators

Product: Super Mario 64 DS | Publisher: Nintendo | Genre: Platform
For: DS
Developers Corner submission by Developers Corner
Top Nintendo DS Emulators

Nintendo DS is still the most popular console that you can hold in your hands and play different and interesting games by interacting with its iconic cross-shaped pad and tiny buttons. Nintendo DS is not dead as it still exists in the form of emulators, designed for players and fans of portable games. Learn how to download and install this hugely popular console on your PC or phone.

A portable friend

A revolutionary product that changed the world of gaming consoles, Nintendo DS was created to bring new emotions to players in the world. This cute handheld device is small and comfortable, and very easy to use. So many lovely games “live” inside such a tiny box. Being comfortable to carry around it’s always been a great plus but nowadays, when people always take with them modern smartphones – it is much easier and practical to download and install an emulator of Nintendo DS for your device. However, it must be said that there are not so many options of NDS emulators to choose from, due to a very difficult emulation process, but still a few of them are worth your attention.

Top emulators of Nintendo DS

The emulation of Nintendo DS did not have much success, as many programmers had different troubles with small details of the initial device. Somehow, few people managed to create perfectly faithful versions of Nintendo DS Emulator and the successful ones support only selected platforms, such as Android or Windows but not necessarily all of them. Players can enjoy their favourite portable device on the screen of a phone or on their PC. The most popular and successful emulation of Nintendo DS is DeSMuMe. This emulator was created for PC with very high quality programming, but you have to take into account that it requires a modern and fast system. As if you played on the original portable console, the emulator can recreate the atmosphere with great accuracy. Still, if you are going to download this emulator, consider that you need to have a powerful PC in order to play games with satisfactory results. A few games may show bugs, but in the most cases these are not the emulator’s fault, instead they are due to bad original coding of the game. After installing DeSmuMe, you have a great opportunity to play with the world’s most famous plumber Mario and save your princess from the dragon again.

If you encounter problems using DeSmuMe, another good option for you to try is to download and install No$Gba. The base code of this emulator was created for the x86 Windows platform. The focus of the project was on speed mainly, but there is a chance you get lags, glitches and issues during any game from time to time. The updates for these emulators are sporadic, and this is the main reason for any problem occurrences during gameplay, but they should be seriously considered by anyone interested nonetheless. These two emulators are perfect examples for players that decide to enjoy an old portable device with many funny games.

The developers of Nintendo emulators tried to do their best for people who spent their childhood together with that lovable little box. You could say they achieved great success for the most part, as their emulators let you launch most of the games on your PC or phone and play them without any major problems. On the other side, there are still many reports of bugs found, glitches and issues in several games and it is hard to fix them all. If you are eager to play your favourite Nintendo DS game, the emulators recommended above seem to be the perfect solution for you.

DISCLAIMER: This article has been submitted via the PG Business Network and does not represent the views of Pocket Gamer.

Published on 12 June
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