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Best Buy President's Day sale drops price on Kid Icarus: Uprising, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, and more
by Matthew Diener 15/2/2013
Product: Nintendo 3DS
Manufacturer: Nintendo
Format: DS, 3DS
Big box retailer Best Buy is honouring President's Day with a good old-fashioned sale, and there are deep discounts to be had on some choice DS and 3DS games.

Spread out amongst the titles on sale this weekend are two Pocket Gamer Gold Award-winners along with a silver and bronze winner as well.

This sale is valid from Friday, February 15 until Monday, February 18 and is a great opportunity to flesh out your 3DS and DS libraries with some excellent titles.

The 3DS/DS games on sale are:
Full details of the sale are available here for those interested in ordering. Unfortunately for our UK readers, this sale is a US-only affair.

You need a president to celebrate President's Day, after all.

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