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Plenty of your favourite iOS and Android games will be available on BlackBerry 10
by Anthony Usher 30/1/2013
Product: BlackBerry App World
Manufacturer: BlackBerry
Format: Blackberry
BlackBerry - a.k.a. The Company Formerly Known as RIM - has just launched its eagerly awaited (and long overdue) BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system on stage at a media event in New York City.

One of the main talking points during this event was BlackBerry App World, which now boasts more than 70,000 apps and games from the likes of Gameloft, EA, Rovio, ZeptoLab, and Sega.

Yes, BlackBerry App World is chock-full of all (well, most) of your favourite iPhone, iPad, and Android games, including Disney's award-winning Where's My Water? and its sequel Where's My Perry?

If you're a fan of miffed avians, you'll also be pleased to read that Rovio's entire catalogue of Angry Birds titles is available to download from BlackBerry App World.

Furthermore, if you're among the first 1.25 million gamers to download the latest instalment in the Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Star Wars, you won't be charged a single penny.

"We're delighted to bring Angry Birds Star Wars to BlackBerry fans around the world," Petri Järvilehto, Rovio's EVP of games, said.

"[BlackBerry 10] is a great platform that gives a fantastic gaming experience, so fans can experience the struggle of Rebel Birds vs Imperial Pigs to the fullest!"

Award-winning titles like PopCap's Plants vs Zombies, Madfinger's Shadowgun, and Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride are all present and accounted for on BlackBerry App World, too.

Check out a full list of the BlackBerry 10 titles that excited us below.

The world's first BlackBerry 10-powered smartphone, the BlackBerry Z10, will be available to buy in the UK from tomorrow, incidentally.
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