3D classic Archipelagos creeps back to scare iOS and BB10 gamers
By Jon Jordan 06 February 2013
Game Name: Archipelagos | Developer: Anthill Games | Format: Blackberry, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Puzzle, Strategy
One of the issues of being older than the dinosaurs is that my definition of retro is positively antediluvian for the rest of society.

At least, I'm guessing that's the case for those of us who remember Archipelagos on the Amiga and Atari ST.

Released in 1989, the game demonstrated advanced 3D graphics - i.e. it had 3D graphics! Amazing at the time.

Stony sleep

The puzzler, in which you have to make your way to all the stones in a level, breaking them, before racing to destroying each level's single Obelisk and making it to the exit, was also praised for its eerie music, courtesy of David Whittaker.

Of course, there was also the issue of the blood-soaked trees that chase you; frankly it was a little Minecraft before its time.

Back to the future

Nevertheless, now it's back.

Remade for iPhone and iPad, a launch game for BlackBerry 10 (I've got it on my new Z10), and coming to Android, it's been lovingly remade by UK studio Anthill Games.

It was also behind the Archipelagos 2000 release on PC.

Unlike the original, which featured 9,999 procedurally-generated levels, this version has 100, but as the game only costs 99c, 89p on iOS -[iTunes], and 75p on BlackBerry [BB World], you've got very little to complain about.

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