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[Update] The ultimate guide to Angry Birds Star Wars II - walkthroughs, achievements, items
How to use Telepods, collect characters, and save the galaxy (Updated to Rebels)
Product: Angry Birds Star Wars II | Publisher: Rovio | Format: Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone | Genre: Puzzle
Angry Birds Star Wars II Blackberry, thumbnail 1
Updated on October 7th, at 12:26: We've given this guide a bit of a spring clean to bring us up to date with the Rebels level pack.

So we've added videos for all 12 bird side and all 12 pork side levels in that update. Plus, all the levels for the Master Your Destiny special update.

We've also added more collectible items and more reward chapter videos. Check it out!

The idea behind Angry Birds Star Wars II is a simple one.

You get to catapult birds at the ramshackle structures of pigs, while reliving the painful memories of the Star Wars prequels.

But, hey, you get to fire Jar Jar Binks into a brick wall as many times as you like. Plus, this is a cracking addition to the Angry Birds universe. There are loads of new power-ups, and levels in space and on the ground.

The game can get tricky, though. With more than 30 characters to play as, hundreds of levels to finish, armfuls of collectible junk to find, and loads of achievements to unlock, you're gonna need a good guide.

That's where we come in. Read on, Youngling.

How to Play

You must know how to play Angry Birds by now. But for those few cave dwellers, Amazonian tribespeople, and time travellers who are out of the loop, let me break it down for you.

In each level, you fire birds from a slingshot in the hope of hitting and popping all the pigs. Unless you're playing a Pork Side level, that is, in which case the roles are reversed.

Scoring is based on how many damage and destruction you caused in the level, and how few birds (or pigs) you had to expend to finish the stage. Getting a good score, and three star, means mixing carnage with precision.

Top tips

Each bird is a different beast, and has its own powers based on the Star Wars character being re-imagined here. See our bird (and pig) guide below for more details.

Different materials are more susceptible to breaking than others. Wood and glass shatter easily, while metallic surfaces will take a fair few direct hits before they crumple.

Some levels are set in outer space. In the cold expanse of the universe, gravity has no effect and birds will float in a straight line forever. That is, unless you get stuck in a gravity well - these magnetic bubbles will attract birds, pigs, and materials towards their core.

You can swap your current bird line-up for new feathered friends (see the shop and Telepods section below for more info), but you will always be able to finish the current state with the default set of birds.

Video guides

Stuck on a specific level? Can't get three stars on a tricky stage? We've collected videos for every stage in the game, in which you are shown the exact shots to make to earn those massive scores. Choose a chapter below to get started.

Naboo Invasion

Naboo Invasion Bird Side Naboo Invasion Pork Side

Bird Side - Pork Side

Escape to Tatooine

Escape to Tatooine Bird Side Escape to Tatooine Pork Side

Bird Side - Pork Side

Battle of Naboo

Battle of Naboo Bird Side Battle of Naboo Pork Side

Bird Side - Pork Side

Rise of the Clones

Rise of the Clones Bird Side Rise of the Clones Pork Side

Bird Side - Pork Side

Master Your Destiny

Bird Side Pork Side

Bird Side - Pork Side

Reward Chapter

Reward Chapter Bird Side Reward Chapter Pork Side

Bird Side - Pork Side

Angry Birds Star Wars II also features collectible items, which are scattered across various levels and hidden in hard- to-reach areas. The guides below will help you find and collect those items.

Collectable Items Bird Side Collectable Items Pork Side

Bird Side - Pork Side

Bird vs Pork

When you start a new chapter in Angry Birds Star Wars II, you'll be asked whether you want to play on the Bird Side or the Pork Side. This basically means that you'll only be able to play one set of levels until you unlock some stars.

Once you have 20 stars in a single chapter, you'll unlock the other side.


Each bird has its own ability - and you often need to tap the screen to unleash it. Here's what each feathered friend can do.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Qui-Gon Jinn

This Jedi Knight packs a lightsaber. He will swing it to slash through pigs and parts of their structures when you tap the screen.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Obi-Wan Kenobi

Jinn's sidekick has a classic force push, which lets him displace objects in front of him. Tap somewhere on the screen to aim your push.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Yoda

When you tap the screen, this little green dude will go into a crazy spinning attack and bounce off surfaces after he smashes them. Good if you can lodge him in a tight space.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Jar Jar Binks

This CGI space bunny may be one of the most reviled Star Wars characters ever, but his handy grappling hook - which lets him cover great distances, spin around to the back of structures, and pull building blocks away - makes him one of the coolest birds.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Anakin Episode I

When young Anakin is in mid-air, tap somewhere on the screen and he'll ride a podracer engine to that location. Explodes on impact, to boot.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Captain Panaka

This guy fires six blaster bullets in two shots. Use him like a shotgun to get in close and destroy the foundations of a pig structure.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Padme

Natalie Portman can use a tractor beam to pick up a pile of blocks and shove them forward. Good for displacing entire structures and moving explosives into position.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Anakin Episode II

Anakin's all grown up, and now sports a lightsaber (and a questionable haircut). Works like Qui-Gon Jinn.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Jedi Youngling

Just like you do with the classic Blue Bird of Angry Birds, you simply tap the screen to turn this one bird into three.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Mace Windu

Sam Jackson will lob a boomerang blade to the location that you tap. If it has a clean return trajectory, it will fly back to Windu, causing even more damage on the way back.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Chewbacca

Chewie is like a wrecking ball. He doesn't do anything when tapped, but will make a ruddy great impact all the same.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2R2-D2

This faithful droid has an electric shock that will instantly pop any pigs in close proximity.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2C-3PO

This prissy robot will fall to pieces when you tap the screen. That's more useful than it sounds, as the shower of metallic bits will cause damage on impact.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Han Solo

Han's got a classic blaster, which fires three powerful laser shots in quick succession.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Leia

Princess Leia works like Padme - her tractor beam lets her latch onto a big pile of stuff - but she pulls blocks towards her, rather than pushing them away.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Pilot, Endor, and Jedi Luke

You can dress Luke Skywalker in whatever duds you want. He's still rocking a lightsaber that cuts through wood and pigs like they were semi-melted cheese.

In Angry Birds Star Wars II, you can play as pigs, too. Here are the twirly-tailed characters you'll play as during Pork Side levels, and their abilities.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Jango Fett

This bounty hunter will fire an explosive missile at the location that you tap, but then fly off at an unpredictable angle. You might get two hits out of him, or he might fly off into the sunset, never to be seen again.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Darth Sidious

Palpatine uses a thunderous electric blast that travels through metallic parts of the level. Very powerful attack.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Battle Droid

Works like Han Solo, and fires three blaster bullets in quick succession.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Darth Maul

Darth's got a lightsaber, but his has two ends and whirls about like a helicopter blade, giving him slightly more powerful than the Bird Side blade wielders.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Count Dooku

Dooku's boomerang blade works exactly the same as Mace Windu's. Except this one is red.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Droideka

This crazy robot guy works exactly like Yoda, bouncing off walls and birds whenever he makes an impact.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Zam Wesell

Zam has a grappling hook, making him the pig mirror image of Jar Jar Binks. Poor guy.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2General Grievous

Another lightsaber user now. He's got four small ones, all of which spin like Maul's. A solid attacker.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Anakin Episode III

Spoiler alert! Anakin is on the Pork Side by Episode III. He now has a crazy attack that makes building blocks magnetically stick to his bird body and then get fired out at various angles.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Biker Scout

Biker Scout works like Anakin Episode I, and uses his bike to rocket towards any point on the map.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Stormtrooper

Another blaster user now. This guy fires six shots at slightly different angles, making him useful when up close to enemy lines.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2TIE Fighter Pilot

This guy fires two blaster shots, and then another two blaster shots. Good going, guy.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Darth Vader

Darth Vader, funnily enough, has the same power as Anakin Episode III. Tap the screen and building blocks magnetically stick to his body and are then fired out at various angles.
Angry Birds Star Wars 2Boba Fett

Like Jango, Boba will fire an explosive missile at the location that you tap, but then fly off at an unpredictable angle. Only Boba will fire two missiles instead of one.

In every level of Angry Birds, you are given a default set of birds or pigs with which to play. With these guys, you will always be able to defeat the opposing force on that stage. New for Star Wars II, however, you can swap for different birds if you so desire.

You can buy access to those animals from the in-game shop. Pigs and birds cost tokens, which you unlock when you complete achievements. You can also buy them with in-app purchases.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

You can buy a pack of player characters or buy permanent access to that Star Wars hero. If you buy a pack, you can use the character as many times as you like. If you buy infinite access, you can only use the character once per level.

Once you have some birds under your belt, click the 'Bird Side' or 'Pork Side' icon during a level to see all your feathered (or bacon-flavoured) friends. Then, click the character's face to swap the current character.


If you prefer more physical interaction, you'll want to buy some Telepods. Here's how to use them.

First, slot the bird or pig toy onto the Telepod podium. The little notch in the hero's bum should fit snugly onto the raised stump on the podium. Next, hit load a level in the game and click the 'Telepod' icon.

Now, put the podium over your device's camera. On the iOS version, you will see a white shape on the screen, and you should try to place the lumpy bit of the podium over that shape.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2

If all goes to plan, the bird or pig will appear in the level and replace the current character.

Remember that you can only use a Telepod bird once per level. And that you can only use birds in Bird Side levels and pigs in Pork Side stages.


Angry Birds Star Wars II has a number of achievements. Finish these objectives and you'll unlock rewards like tokens (for the shop); special stages; and packs of bird and pig tokens.

You can see these achievements by clicking on the 'medallion' icon. Remember that there are separate achievement lists for each chapter. Try to get the lot.


Reviewer photo
Mark Brown 7 October 2014
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