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Meet the nGees, another crowdfunded contender for the Android home console crown
by James Gilmour 12/2/2013
Product: nGees
Manufacturer: nGees
Format: Android
With the Ouya on its way to market - and the GameStick not far behind - you might think that the itty-bitty Android console market has been taken care of for the foreseeable future.

Well, according to the creator of nGees, the latest 'droid-based box to hit the crowdfunding circuit, there's always room for one more.

As with the Ouya and the GameStick, you plug the diminutive nGees system directly into your television, and immediately start playing Android games on a large screen.

Where nGees attempts to set itself apart from its Kickstarter-financed cousins, however, is in the promotional message.

Rather than focus entirely on the device's gaming potential, the team behind nGees is keen to pitch its console as a "hybrid computer", stressing the unit's ability to play games, films, music, and display photos.

Inside its 3.5-inch-wide casing, the nGees packs similar hardware to its competitors: a dual-core processor, a quad-core GPU, 1GB of RAM, and up to 32GB of internal storage (8GB and 16GB models will also be available).

According to the nGees's Indigogo campaign page, the unit will not only work via remote control, but it will also be compatible with standard USB controllers, such as mice, keyboards, and joypads.

However, with two other Android-powered home entertainment systems already fully funded and due for release this year, we wonder whether the nGees will prove to be a microconsole too far for Android fans.

The nGees team has 51 days to raise $395,000. To donate, visit the nGees Indigogo page. You'll need to pledge $99 to bag one of the first 8GB nGees consoles; $139 for a 16GB version; or $159 for a 32GB version.

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