Bronze Award-winning puzzler 10000000 to get a sequel, You Must Build A Boat
By Matthew Diener 03 February 2014
Game Name: You Must Build A Boat | Publisher: EightyEightGames | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Platform, Puzzle, RPG
Way back in the summer of 2012, a hybrid match-three RPG named 10000000 came along, stole our hearts, and won a Bronze Award along the way.

Since its release, EightyEightGames has been hard at work on providing new content for 10000000.

That planned content snowballed from 'big update', to 'really big update', to 'DLC', and finally 'expansion pack' - but it never materialised.

Now it's finally making its way to the hands of players, and it's taking the form of an entirely new game, You Must Build a Boat.

Das Boat

This new outing preserves the same fast and frantic gameplay from 10000000 - including the matching - but each run starts off with a period of exploration where you'll encounter lots of choose-your-own-adventure style choices.

The main challenge of You Must Build A Boat involves, y'know, building a boat... but once it's completed you'll go on missions to recruit a bigger and more skillful crew to help you find all sorts of adventure and treasure.

Along the way, you'll also find artefacts to collect and dangerous areas like The Vault, The Gallery, The Mage Tower, and Hell - yes, Hell - to explore.

You can also capture monsters to join your crew and help you in battle.

The focus of You Must Build A Boat more on exploration and adventure novel-like choices that simple puzzling, but the dev assures us that the spirit of 10000000 shines through from start to finish.

And, best yet, you'll also able to get it for free on its launch day.

Unfortunately, we don't quite know when that'll be just yet, but there might be a playable demo soon for us to go hands-on with. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

If you haven't had the chance to play 10000000 yet, EightyEightGames has put it on sale for 99c / 69p on both Google Play and the App Store to celebrate the announcement of You Must Build a Boat.
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