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Commander Keen successor Worlds of Wander turns to Kickstarter for funding
by Matthew Diener 4/2/2013
Product: Worlds of Wander
Publisher: Pieces of Fun
Format: Android, iPad
Genre: Platform
You can't keep a good 1990's platformer down, or at least that's what Tom Hall is hoping for with his recently launched Kickstarter campaign for Worlds of Wander.

Billed as a spiritual, if not direct, sequel to Hall's beloved Commander Keen series of side-scrolling platformers, Polygon reports Worlds of Wander is far more than a simple game.

Worlds of Wander will come with all of its level data open, so players can create their own levels and games in "a platform gaming toybox" with a focus on sharing and community participation.


Those looking to dabble in the level creator will be encouraged to share their levels with the game's community. Any user can rate this submitted content, and Hall believes that "the best… will float to the top."

If this sounds a bit complicated, Worlds of Wander will also come packaged alongside a completed game, Secret Spaceship Club, so more laid back players can simply enjoy some quality time in Commander Keen's universe.

Hall, who is also known for his work on Doom and Wolfenstein, can't quite call this ambitious project funded just yet, however.

At time of writing, Worlds of Wander has secured $12,000 of its $400,000 goal with 25 days left in the Kickstarter campaign. Should the project be successfully funded, it will be released for iPads and Android tablets alongside Windows, Mac, and Linux versions.

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