[Update] GDC 2013: World of Tanks Blitz announced for iOS, Android
By Matthew Diener 26 March 2013
Game Name: World of Tanks Blitz | Publisher: Wargaming | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Strategy | Networking: wireless (network)
Update: Wargaming.net responded to our inquiry and stated that World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz will be entirely separate games, so there is no chance of using vehicles from one in the other. The original story follows.

Wargaming.net's phenomenally successful action / strategy multiplayer battler World of Tanks is coming to iOS and Android.

The announced mobile version, World of Tanks Blitz, is built specifically for tablets and smartphones and will feature 7-on-7 PvP matches "inspired by" the original World of Tanks.

148apps reports that World of Tanks Blitz is also designed to "rival anything" that players could find on a console.

Strong words, but thankfully Wargaming.net has plenty of tanks to back them up.

Armoured up

Since launching in late 2010, World of Tanks became an immensely popular freemium MMO.

In 2011, it even won a Guinness World Record for "Most Players Online Simultaneously on one MMO Server" when 91,311 players logged onto its Russian Server.

It's not clear at present whether World of Tanks Blitz will support the transfer of tanks already unlocked in World of Tanks, but Wargaming.net indicates that players can use pre-existing Wargaming.net IDs to access the Android and iOS versions when they launch.

We've reached out to Wargaming.net to see if it can clarify this point and provide us with a rough release window for the game.

You'll know more when we do - there's no need to tank us.
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