Proletariat Inc. wants you to eat brains in upcoming multiplayer RTS World Zombination
By Harry Slater 19 August 2013
Game Name: World Zombination | Developer: Proletariat Inc. | Format: Android, iPhone, iPad | Genre: Action, Strategy | Networking: wireless (network)
Have you ever thought zombies are unfairly represented on the App Store?

We spend all of our time hacking them to bits or pumping them full of lead, but rarely take the time to wonder how that must make them feel.

If you're an undead sympathiser, then Proletariat Inc.'s upcoming asymmetric multiplayer strategy game World Zombination could be right up your brain-littered street.

That's because you can play as the bad guys here, leading a team of zombies against the heroes in order to spoil the day and tuck into some delicious heroic brains.

The gameplay is altered depending on which side you choose. So, the zombie players control hordes of the undead, while the hero player only has to protect a small band of survivors.

The team at Proletariat Inc. is made up of devs from the now-defunct Zynga Boston studio, so they've got some experience behind them.

Proletariat Inc. CEO Seth Sivak said that "this is the sort of game we love to play. With World Zombination, we've come up with fun and unique gameplay that real-time strategy gamers will find refreshing."

The game is set for release next year on iOS and Android devices. We'll let you know when we get some more information about it.

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